The Cursed Painting

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The Legend

This is the story of a great leader. This is the story of you.

The World

The Cursed Painting combines the core elements of tabletop gaming, audiobooks, and open world exploration and delivers a uniquely vivid and interactive experience. Whether you’re interacting with the mysteries of a strange medieval village and its equally secretive inhabitants, or exploring the depths of an ancient dungeon, the path you take is completely up to you.
The World


The Cursed Painting is a unique audio roleplaying game, combining the best elements of tabletop gaming, audiobooks and open-world exploration. Thanks to a meticulously crafted audio environment, paired with an original fantasy score, you will be pulled right into an immersive fantasy experience.
Character Progression

Through equipment, perks, gold and levels

Immersive Audio

Rich soundscape throughout the experience.


Dynamic Combat System

Skill Checks

Using your character's background & statistics.

Visual Support

Descriptive artwork for screen enabled Alexas.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller

Throughout your adventures, or misadventures, you are guided by the legendary Storyteller. She keeps track of your inventory, weapons and character stats. During intense combat she will keep an eye on your health and special abilities. As the Storyteller leads you through the game you will be immersed by layers of meticulously crafted audio paired with an original fantasy score that will pull you right into the world.

Choose Your Path

Choose your character type with care, from a simple thief to an exiled noble. Each character comes with special abilities and weaknesses in addition to a past that impacts the character’s future.
The Noble
The Noble
Raised and sheltered far from the common man, you spent your days going through rigorous training, up until the peasants revolted.
  • Power
The noble starts with a bonus to Power, allowing you to easily break down doors and perform other feats of strength, this also means your attacks will land harder.
The Thief
The Thief
You've done what needed in order to survive on the streets, until the guardsmen caught up with you.
  • Agility
The thief starts with a bonus to Agility, making you more adept at picking locks and landing hits in combat amongst other things.
As you explore the world of Cursed Painting you will be immersed by layers of meticulously crafted audio-scapes and sound effects paired with an original fantasy musical score that will pull you right into the world.
You will encounter a variety of other characters that reside in this fantasy world, offering aid as well as temptation.
The Mayor

The Mayor

A kind looking man with a constant smile on his face, and prone to taking walks to clear his mind, but from what?
The mayor is almost always seen accompanied by the Captain of the guard.

The Shopkeep

A happy go lucky mountain of a woman, she quickly took up smithing as soon as she was able to grasp the hammer, and soon realised that expanding the smithy into a shop would be the sensible thing to do.
The Shopkeep

Your Enemies

The undead plague a small farmstead village, and It's up to you to track down the source of the curse.
Ghouls, experiments gone bad, ghosts and crazed adventurers lost in the halls are only a few of the dangers facing you in the ancient ruins.
The Ghost
The Prisoner
The Guard

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The Cursed Painting
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