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We aim to release content on a monthly basis for The Cursed Painting, these will add more story content, enemies, weapons and places to visit.
The Cursed Painting is available on a number of speakers and headphones but is reliant on the Alexa framework.
For mobiles try looking for the Alexa app on your app-store of choice and enable Cursed Painting through the application.
Unfortunately, The Cursed Painting is not available in every country just yet. We're looking at translations, but are focusing on English speaking countries at the moment.
If you encounter any problems, feel free to email us at Our Customer Support Email.

About The Game

All backgrounds will have their unique flair to the narrative throughout the game, small story snippets depending on what your starting choice.
The thief starts with a bonus to Agility.
The adventurer starts with a bonus to Toughness.
And the Noble starts with a bonus to Power.
Sure there is!
At level three in any statistic, you'll gain access to an ability, these will improve once you gain access to level five in any statistic.
Agility will allow you to perform a blinding strike in combat.
Power will allow you to perform a Power attack in combat.
Toughness will unlock regeneration which allows you to regain a bit of health after each combat.

In Game Commands

Try saying "Check Stats".
Sure! Restart the game at any time by saying "Restart". This will, however, reset your entire progress, but allow you to try out other backgrounds and choices.
You can say "Repeat" at anytime to have the Storyteller repeat its last couple of sentences.
You can always say "Leave Dungeon" if you want to return to the surface.
Say "Open Inventory" and equip newly found items from there.
You can increase your health by saying "Drink Healing Potion" - If you're all out of them, try finding somewhere to sleep.
In a worst case scenario, try returning to the game in a while, you will regain health slowly over time while you're not playing.